VC blowing big bubble era celebrations 700 million pound tiger live or loss of 400 million years

VC blowing big bubble era celebrations 700 million pound tiger live or loss of 400 million years

YY (hereinafter referred to as "YY") today released the 2014 fiscal fourth quarter and full year earnings. The results, YY 2014 annual revenues of 3 billion 700 million, an increase of 102%, net profit of 1 billion 200 million yuan.

in the earnings behind the game live business is elusive, YY Games broadcast in 2014 the number of users to achieve a substantial growth, but its revenue grew weak, annual revenues of less than 160 million, that according to the status of the industry, the possibility of loss is large, the concern is that this trend will continue in this year.

700 million will lose 400 million pound tiger live

this year

in the subsequent earnings conference call, the celebrations of the times CEO Li Xueling said, will continue to increase investment in 2015 is expected to live tiger, invested 700 million yuan. It is reported that this 700 million yuan in addition to increase the technology and hardware upgrade, the market will be over, mainly includes building, ecological brand promotion and operation activities etc..


, YY in the fourth quarter of 2014 stripped live business, launched an independent brand of Huya live, upgrading of products and services, launched 1080P HD rate broadcast service, and by upgrading the hardware and network bandwidth costs, support millions of users to watch live online at the same time, in the country to establish room, greatly enhance the bandwidth.

for the future revenue forecast, togetherness era CFO He Zhenyu revealed that the current market competition based on the tiger live not consider profit. On the contrary, taking into account the relevant investment growth, Huya expects a net loss will also produce live four hundred million yuan in fiscal year 2015.

In fact,

, YY game live losses, largely because of the industry competition, qihunanxia. On the one hand, from the user point of view, the game live shall not lose on the market, competitors are vigorously throwing money, YY had to fight; on the other hand, through the game live mass is realized, there is still no reality, this is a loss of money that had sustained investment business.

suck gold weak game broadcast loss is normal

from the live game industry, not only the tiger live suction gold weakness, other platforms are generally unable to make ends meet, the loss is normal. The core reason for this phenomenon is that the cost of income is weak while soaring.

at present, there are four ways to live the game industry, advertising, games intermodal, membership subscription and virtual props. Because of concerns about the user experience, the major platforms are not able to start advertising, this income is basically negligible.

in addition to YY, other platform subscription and virtual props system has not been established, most of the live enterprise income mainly depends on Webpage Game transport, this ratio may exceed 90%, but this is essentially that.

compared with the lack of income, the cost of the game is facing an exponential rise in live broadcast. The cost of a live video game is similar to the video site, mainly from two

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