Search from box to box evolution of search

Search from box to box evolution of search

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mobile search is to do a thing right away, is the goal of category, need to produce immediate results, eat what to eat, what the supermarket to buy, location based on intelligent terminal, to acquire information in the traditional search of the way into the direct access service mode.

reporter recently met communications expert Xiang Ligang (micro-blog) when asked about the search, he expressed such a view to me: the difference between the PC and the mobile Internet is that PC is the value of information, and in the mobile Internet service, is to create value, this kind of service is subdivided, must the expert segments to provide, an enterprise is impossible to finish the task. This is why Baidu can not directly on the mobile Internet PC the main reason for success.

with the rapid development of mobile Internet, the future of mobile search will be to the area and the real-time accurate search development, to guide the consumer to the positioning of the service, it will not be in the search box to search for lots of information inquiry.

mobile Internet spawned large market services

from Chinese Internet Network Information Center report shows that as of the end of June 2012, the number of China’s Internet access through mobile phone users reached 388 million.

with the rapid development of intelligent terminals, mobile Internet has entered a stage of rapid development. The well-known local consumer platform public comment mobile life released report shows that at present the daily traffic from public comment mobile terminal has exceeded the daily traffic from the PC side, the public comment PC end is still growing steadily, but in comparison, the growth of mobile terminals more explosive. According to public comment in the first quarter of statistics, since the beginning of 2010, the public comment on the growth rate of the mobile terminal has more than 100 times, while the number of independent users of public comment mobile client is an increase of more than 110 times.

in the mobile terminal, the user’s demand is also from the food to a full range of local life service needs diffusion. According to public comment mobile report shows that the current needs of users in the public comment on the mobile client coverage delicacy and beauty, leisure, shopping, hotels, service life, and the demand has the potential to expand, such as pharmacies, banks, parks, cafes, cinemas, gas station, Manicure, game is becoming popular search keywords some city, mobile life has begun to show a variety of features.

as the browser is the most important access to the Internet as the same, the application of local life services will become an important gateway to the mobile internet. Local life services with mobile Internet anytime, anywhere, combined with geographical location and other endowments, the unique characteristics of the mobile Internet to play, allowing users to enjoy the traditional PC Internet services can not enjoy.

recently, love to help network also announced the upgrade strategy, launched a new life search service, neighborhood search, focus on providing local consumer places for users to search, aggregation of the whole network.

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