Enterprise site promotion summary

Enterprise site promotion summary

Not to webmaster nets

a long time, first wish stationmaster net Yuebanyuehao! After the 5.12 earthquake, my hometown Jiangyou can only wait for the long post disaster reconstruction, my fans also for a long time "shock", the most depressing is that the editor deleted my article, my the interview also deleted, sad.

words to be Shanghai this time my company asked me to do a business station station promotion. Because they paid search by promotion, almost every month 8W block, the emphasis of my work is to get some standing outside the promotion, natural flow, for the first time to do the promotion enterprise stand, so there are many shortcomings, I hope you can master pointing. I probably summed up the following points:


website has already been search engines, PR=5., weight is also good, so do not need to submit the website address. The company name is very good "nine orange", I thought it was the beginning of the 9


1 to some portal blogs and some professional blog blog, then every day a few articles with keywords, article up, insist on a period of time, the effect will be more obvious.

2 to send some sort of information network information, I personally found that the 263 classification of my keywords are very sensitive, some of the key words made up, or the day of the second day can be ranked in the first few pages of Baidu.

3 to send some forum posts, now the forum are smart, have signed off, paid links, the administrator will clear up! I just put the text and links, but good classification, don’t hang a link, the administrator look at think is AD

4 Baidu to know to ask ourselves from a, go to the Baidu Post Bar hair post, not excessive, or closure ID or domain name is not fun, then use Baidu space, Baidu in the propaganda put Baidu things after use, it’s something Baidu to give priority to, this is a different place and GG

5 is applied to some enterprise products accurate keywords, and then one by one to search, see the row in front of the website address, see if you can send some information, if issued, will bring their own business or product links. I am now in the middle of 59 key words, to a promotion, tired, but this approach is not bad, we can try.

6 go to LINK and your enterprise or product related keywords website address, look at their enterprise of the chain, and then go to their links add up!

probably I now use these methods, the promotion of the way to continue to sum up, but also to keep track of changes in key words in order to make adjustments in the future.

if you have a new way or a good way to also hope to leave a message to me! We progress together! Please indicate nine orange net letter www.9orange.com thank you

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