CEO June 2015 will return to the social electricity supplier CEO June 2015 will return to the social electricity supplier

NetEase science and technology news January 20th news, held yesterday in Hangzhou, 2015 business conference, CEO June said that in 2015, will be the beginning of the full return of social electricity supplier aspects revealed that since October 2013 on-line trading system, as of the end of 2014, the number of excellent store merchants more than 6000, the total annual turnover of nearly 3 billion 600 million yuan platform.

2015 regression socialization electricity supplier

in June’s view, compared with other more suppliers from the perspective of the electricity supplier companies, has been a consumer perspective to pay more attention to the user wants to buy what to buy, how to buy, how to share and how to make the process more optimized "offbeat" business platform. Therefore, the transition from the shopping guide to the vertical electronic business platform, not the ultimate form of the pursuit of Only to return to the real social business form, "social" and "business" to combine business model innovation and product form, to conform to the trend of "mobile Internet operations category vertical and user traffic to the center".

made from the latest 7 version of App adjustment, App home page is no longer for the majority of users are familiar with the "channel + Map Wall" in the form of information flow to publish or love attention by the user but the picture of the person / commodity form. At the same time, the camera lens placed in the middle of the home page in the middle position, and increase the release of goods (photo upload, price sales) function. These changes are based on the original commodity to the present to the people based change, and greatly enhance the social attributes.

June believes that has developed to the current scale of more than 85 million registered users, its mission should not just be a simple thing to let mushrooms cool to buy things. It is more like a way of life and a diverse community, users can share everything in life, make friends, shopping.

put 300 million to build brand

and the overall return of social business "echoes, 2015 will continue to overweight in the brand launch, and also launched new initiatives in business support policy.

According to the

brand director Fan Yiming introduction, 2015 will invest 300 million yuan for the brand of media advertising, the depth of cooperation including annual 4 TV series and 2 movie, put a lot of TV, subway, video sites and outdoor advertising, and held more than a national scale line activities.

on the other hand, after the 2014 double eleven, overall turnover soared by the expected "double eleven break one hundred million" to the end of 426 million, many businesses also appeared tight liquidity situation. To this end, will be in 2015 for all platform businesses to provide credit services to help businesses grow at the same time to ensure that the capital chain and supply chain

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