Le Amoy end prostitute, founded 3 years after the change radically

Le Amoy end prostitute, founded 3 years after the change radically


Le Tao has tried to launch a joint footwear brand with fruit ninja, but ultimately failed. The picture shows "fruit ninja" father, halfbrick global CEO ShainielDeo (right) and Le Amoy network CEO Bi Sheng (left). (CFP/)

music Amoy network sold.

May 14th, the founder of the music Amoy network wins to accept the Southern Weekend reporter interviewed for the first time confirmed the news.

Bi Sheng told the Southern Weekend reporter, music Amoy network really sold, the relevant legal documents are being delivered. Took over the Guangdong crown Peng footwear chain Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as crown Peng company) and a Hongkong company. Specific transaction amount is currently inconvenient to disclose. For the rumors of ten million yuan purchase price, Bi Sheng said: information is not true.

Bi Sheng revealed that, including him, the original shareholders will be out of the music amoy. Le Amoy employees, part of the resignation, part of the new company into. The acquisition of the invitation to win as the new chairman of the company, Bi Sheng said he is still considering, first rest again.

why sell music. Bi Sheng told the Southern Weekend reporter explained that in his view, do electricity supplier has two problems difficult to solve, one is the cost of flow, one is the supply chain.

"is a bitter retail business, arguably e-commerce model to save the cost, but now the cost of e-commerce has been higher than the cost of the line. For the supply chain, the need for more professional people to play well." Bi Sheng said.

business information, crown Peng company was founded in August 14, 2006, the legal representative is Zhu Bingyong, a wholly owned company. By Guangdong Ping Da Investment Co., ltd..

if you do not cut off the music in 2011 to make it stand on the peak of the supply chain system, perhaps today can sell some money." An interview with reporters after the establishment of the end of the music Amoy Amoy anonymous sources told the southern weekend reporter.

music Amoy was founded in 2008, only three years to do the first electricity supplier shoes. A number of domestic and foreign data research firm’s report shows that in 2011, when the peak of Amoy music, music Amoy in terms of site visits and sales are ranked first in the domestic footwear market.

peak, many people do not believe that music will die. The anonymous source said with emotion, music Amoy was taken to do not spend money to buy goods in the real estate consignment model, cash on the account. The boss is also very hard to work hard, tired of heart disease have, desk and travel bag at any time with a quick Kyushin Pills.

Robin Li and the birth of Lei Lok

Bi Sheng the 40 year old former assistant chairman of HC international, later joined Baidu, Assistant Marketing Director of Baidu Inc and President, founded in 2008, footwear vertical electric music amoy.


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