Daily topic the annual growth rate of over 30% cross-border electricity supplier cross-border electr

Daily topic the annual growth rate of over 30% cross-border electricity supplier cross-border electr

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) November 21st news, in the first World Internet Conference, cross-border e-commerce and global economic integration has become a hot topic of discussion. How do we have to think about the development of cross-border electricity supplier


excessive competition in the domestic market situation, the electricity supplier industry to cross the door, affecting the world’s first year of globalization. 2014 is the first year of Chinese and foreign companies have to develop cross-border e-commerce business cohesion, competition from the industry point of view, there has not been a single large occupation of overseas market monopoly pattern, cross-border electricity supplier in the field is still in the initial period of integration.

"the former globalization is actually americanization." In his opinion, the core of the cross-border electricity supplier is to create value to the local, for example, to go when the area of tax and employment, before thinking limitations of their own things to sell to the United States on how to put the money out of pocket others, Ali now think about how to help others to sell things to Chinese.

China Electronic Commerce Research Center data show that the potential development of cross-border electricity supplier imports huge space. 2013 China’s overseas purchasing market transaction size of more than 70 billion yuan, domestic consumers sea Amoy consumption scale doubled year on year growth, especially overseas milk powder, such as maternal and child class, shoes, clothing, and personal care. Ministry of Commerce predicted that in 2016 China’s cross-border electricity supplier import and export volume will grow to 6 trillion and 500 billion yuan, an annual growth rate of over 30%.


count is currently associated with Chinese B2C market cross-border electricity supplier companies, like Tmall, Amazon direct mail, international Jingdong overseas purchase of this class is mainly engaged in the import business, and eBay, aliexpress (China manufacturing overseas), Taobao (China for overseas Chinese overseas sellers) and other electricity providers to do is B2C export. From another dimension, Ali, eBay belong to the platform model, and Jingdong, Amazon is more dependent on self.

at present, cross-border imports of B2C platform is the largest body of Tmall international and ocean terminal, which reach millions of registered users, PC and mobile terminal APP overseas shopping spree magic users daily living about 70 thousand; on behalf of self B2C mode is the honey Amoy, client active users of nearly one million; purchase hai360 overseas overseas business platform also through the "sea Amoy" won the 700 thousand loyal users.

regardless of the differences in the import, export or model, both sides of the cross-border electricity supplier will involve the goods from where and who to sell these two aspects. Whether the product category is rich, whether the price and quality advantages, the user base of the target market and consumer habits, etc., will affect the development of cross-border electricity supplier at both ends.

it is undeniable that the cross-border electricity supplier is the trend, the international trade pattern will be reshaping the electricity supplier players, prospects and money are very likely to. In the future, with the increasingly perfect platform for the service provided by the electronic business platform, is bound to some non-standard purchasing market, the operation of the platform and the transfer of the impact of the purchase of a cumbersome platform. < >

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