China buy site has been reduced to 2919 disappeared every day 5.9

China buy site has been reduced to 2919 disappeared every day 5.9



yesterday, group purchase site navigation group released a 800 group purchase data, as of the end of September, the number of group purchase website reduced to 2919, down 42% last year, equivalent to a daily 5.9 group purchase sites disappear or transformation. The most famous case, who lives in the top ten of the group purchase website Chinese 24 coupons suddenly announced out of business".

anytime, anywhere to help consumers quickly buy buy nearby businesses, has become a new way of future more money. According to professional institutions predict that in 2012 the overall market size of O2O will reach 98 billion 680 million yuan, an annual growth rate of 75.5%. As the O2O industry vanguard group purchase industry should seize this opportunity to take advantage of the natural growth of two. However, I have to face the situation is that in September the number of domestic buy a total of 2919 sites, and which has a mobile client and support the mobile phone to buy the site is only about 10, accounting for only buy site of 0.3%.

O2O consumer expert Hu Chen said, the user can not install multiple buy client, so buy the product coverage of the city will become an important indicator to buy mobile phone applications. For now, a single station to buy their own product coverage is not enough to make them in the short term to get a satisfactory return.


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