Music to play social Listen beta and enable Shuangpin domain name

Music to play social Listen beta and enable Shuangpin domain name

domain name news: Recently, Larry domain enabled website, named "listen", the website is currently in beta stage, and the slogan "good music and good friends" slogan. Love can be found online normal access to the input of the domain name, from the front page of the site layout, social networking platform for the future flagship music field.

According to the

Whois inquiry found that was registered in 2009, the domain name information had a change in August last year, but the name is only paid to October 26, 2012, expiration time seem suspended. Because the index information that the domain name has been deleted in a few times, 2009 when was removed again because of expired domain name investors registered.

The application of is very suitable for music websites, for use with " Ting" domain name to site, and music to listen to this concept is consistent with domestic users agree without prior without previous consultation, habits. At present, the domain name with "Ting" has a, listen to Mike, etc.. The search giant Baidu in the near future, it is the direct acquisition of pointing to its online music channel Baidu listen.

the "Ting" family boss early in 1997 it was registered with the " website, visible in the music industry; Ting" domain name to the site either in the past or in the future, the domain name has the potential for investment. And from these large application cases can be seen, the public are very high for its acceptance.

the development of the Internet today, some of the traditional model of growth is gradually fading, users are more interested in the pursuit of exchange of views. Then, the search (social network, social search and search), social electricity supplier (, beautiful), social picture (petals, know beauty) and other social networking platforms have evolved, social platform has become a focus of the development of the internet.


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