Discuz! X2.5 Beta version for the webmaster experience and testing

Discuz! X2.5 Beta version for the webmaster experience and testing

today news, Discuz! Beta X2.5 version has been officially released, mainly for webmasters to download and experience the new version of the function. According to official reports, provide the Discuz! Discuz! X2.5 Beta version for testing and experience the new webmaster, webmaster to collect feedback and suggestions for improvement, and help solve the official bug as the main purpose, the official does not recommend the owners used in formal occasions.

it is understood, Discuz! X2.5 compared to Discuz! X2 added more than and 80 new features, more than and 200 of the original function details of the optimization, focus on architecture reconstruction, performance and stability, load application, automatic updates, content mining, micro-blog site elements, operational management and other aspects of the work of the new optimization.

Discuz! X2.5 test station: http://s.demo.discuz.net

Discuz! X2.5 Beta download address: http://s.discuz.net/thread-2622917-1-1.html

attached: Discuz! X2.5 new features, new features:

product architecture new transformation

Discuz! R & D team after a few months time, to transform the existing architecture of Discuz! Products, related to the operation of the database structure optimization only involves 4525 changes, 317 program files, and add the DB class file 217. From Discuz! X2.5, the data read and write layer has been implemented in a fully independent package. Discuz! X2.5 version to support the deployment for the sub unit server; data table full support memory cache enabled, greatly reduce the pressure of MySQL; the data input for a unified anti injection treatment, strengthen the data storage security.

performance load capacity, stability optimization

for the traffic situation, collected all kinds of performance bottlenecks, Discuz! The new version of X2.5 were focused on the optimization and improvement, including: using new posts to see the number of update mechanism, solve the traffic situation, because of deadlock MySQL instant mass update theme table problem caused by the user level memory support; at the same time, caching is enabled; new active users (most of the site more than 70%) archiving function; increase the cache function of the post evaluation, comment data, solve the score and review function may cause PHP use a lot of memory problems and so on.

content mining

in order to better tap the content of the site, the formation of the history of precipitation, enhance the readability, Discuz! X2.5 new post function. Through this function, you can use the power of the members, so

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