Ali mother launched online advertising, the three package

Ali mother launched online advertising, the three package

Ma Yun carefully trained Ali mother, began to gradually reveal greater ambition. 26, 2009, Ali mother announced that the official launch of online advertising, the "package of the program", the collection of tens of millions of small and medium sites to join, for compliance with the standards of the site, Ali mother will Bao Yingli, the package and the package recommended payment.

Ali mother will be selected from thousands of websites in the early 15 thousands of sites, and marked the three package". In ensuring that these small sites through Ali mother’s real name authentication, has a stable and reliable flow, Ali mother will buy these sites advertising, to ensure that these sites have a stable advertising revenue. At the same time, if there is a case of advertisers to complain about these small sites, Ali mother will implement the first payment system. In addition, Ali mother will be recommended to the large brand advertising organizations of these excellent small and medium sites. This is called the three pack plan".

Ali Wu Yongming, general manager of the mother said that the company hopes that through the three package plan to try to establish the basic standards of online advertising, improve the rules of online advertising games.

Analysys expects 2009 China network alliance advertising market will reach 1 billion 470 million yuan, from 2007 to 2009, the market size of the average annual compound growth rate of 40.2%, the diversification of web advertising. Ali mother three package aims to help small and medium sized web site prosperity and development, the definition of the integrity of the domestic Internet advertising standards in the country to build a good faith, transparent network advertising environment.

iResearch believes that Ali mother through this, to strengthen its own online advertising rules, supervisor and service role, at the same time through the construction of credit system, quality web site recommended, smooth path between the construction of small and medium-sized advertisers and advertising media two-way choice.

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