2016 entrepreneurial ideas drink shop open what position

2016 entrepreneurial ideas drink shop open what position

what is the location of the beverage shop? With the drinks industry has great development prospects, many people have a strong interest in a variety of drinks, drinks, therefore, to open a beverage stores choose what position is the key, let Xiaobian to recommend 2016 idea of what a good advice about wang.

The first four shop lots of liquor stores:

1, bustling commercial street.

position of such traffic particularly large, centralized source of customers, as long as the stores drink good quality and good service, leisure time is very happy to narrow customers patronize, people shopping tired can go to the store with the rest, then point a delicious drink, operation after a period of time, the customer will be old at the same time frequently patronize, attract more customers. And as long as there is a certain customer, there is no need to worry about the future of the money.

2, large community entrance.

3, college entrance.


4, the population flow of traffic.

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