Ten brand list window

Ten brand list window

for housing decoration, often need to do first is to close the window, and the selection of different materials, will be involved in the brand will naturally be different. Below, let Xiaobian to introduce the steel window ten brands list, so that the demand for this industry can choose suitable brand.

windows ten brands list NO.1, conch profiles: key high-tech enterprises, China Anhui Conch Group investment holding new chemical building materials enterprises, ten large steel doors brand, Wuhu conch Polytron Technologies Inc.

windows ten brands list NO.2, Shide: national trademark protection, one of the largest production base of chemical building materials China global scale, the top 500 enterprises, ten brands of steel doors, Dalian Shide Group Co. ltd..

windows ten brands list, NO.3 North: founded in 1979, won the national trademark protection, China brand, listed companies, one of the largest China new building materials building materials industry group, Limited by Share Ltd.

windows ten brands list NO.4, LG hi good good: LG’s Hausys, the leading enterprises of building decoration materials, plastic steel door ten brands, industry famous brand, South Korea, Jinhua, Le (Tianjin) Co., ltd..

windows ten brands list, NO.5 Ke Meiling: Germany on 1897, the world’s leading brands in the field of material, large multinational companies, steel door ten brand Kemei (Tianjin) polymer materials Co Ltd.

windows ten brands list NO.6, VEKA VEKA: by German VEKA group to invest in the construction of high-grade PVC-U plastic profile production base, plastic doors and windows industry leading brands, VEKA plastics (Shanghai) Co. ltd..

windows ten brands list NO.7, Zhongcai profile: Zhejiang Zhongcai Investment Group brands, national key high-tech enterprises, steel doors ten brands, industry famous brand, Zhejiang Zhongcai profile Co. ltd..

windows ten brands list, NO.8 Tech: Xi’an hi tech (Group) company, plastic window industry famous brand, national industry standard drafting units, state-owned enterprises, Xi’an hi tech wall windows limited.

windows ten brands list NO.9, AP: YKK Japan YKK group’s famous brand building materials, the world’s leading supplier of building materials, a well-known brand of plastic steel windows, the drafting of national standards, Dalian Yoshida building materials Co. ltd..

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