Shop holiday management also need to do publicity and promotion work

Shop holiday management also need to do publicity and promotion work

almost all shops to earn a lot of money during the holiday, however, now a large number of shops, and online stores are also doing all kinds of activities, if not early do the propaganda work, I am afraid it is difficult to attract more consumers. So, in order to popularity, publicity to keep up. That is to say, the propaganda work is very obvious in the operation of the shop.

is also the Spring Festival for a period of time, but the supermarkets promotional campaign is already be in full swing. Hair Lian supermarket chain store in Shanghai at the checkout, regardless of the number of shopping, can store receipts to a pocket calendar, of course, this is just a minor. In front of the supermarket every day, I was attracted by the sound of firecrackers was shaking heaven and earth, every day is new year shopping supermarket prize raffle, the firecrackers, is just 34 inch color TV show winner.

see so much heavy ethical moment attracted many shoppers. Walk into the store, it is crowded, the store not only held a raffle, prizes are more bask in each sales area. According to store official Wang, some time ago because of the "milk powder incident" and the financial crisis, store sales has been very poor, if not seize this favorable opportunity to lay the Spring Festival holiday sales brand, not only in the "good start" does not guarantee that a quarter of the sales target will become a big problem.

in order to enhance the popularity of the store, the supermarket in the store every day in addition to delivery of some posters and other promotional materials, at the same time shopping gift sales activities, through such activities, the popularity of the store has been effectively improved, although there is a period of time before the holiday, but has shown a "blowout" situation now. Daily sales have reached three or four times in the past. In addition to the promotion in the store, the store also uses propaganda vehicles, publicity boards and television publicity carrier, put up a pageantry to carry out publicity.

Wang said, now, we not only promote mobile publicity vehicles in urban traffic, but also deep into the countryside propaganda. It is rare to have slack season, the villagers also have the opportunity to air consumption. Now, in our stores, there are many rural consumers, they are through our propaganda and shopping here, just the grand prize winner is pumped to the color of a rural consumers.

in the vanguard supermarket, also can store all the way to see the air ball flying, bustling underground color arches. In order to improve the propaganda work before the Spring Festival, take a space for one person in this competitive market, thousands of cheap supermarket specially invited business celebration service company propaganda plan, also invited the band to add to the fun, really luoguxuantian, flags fluttering, the scene is very prosperous, but also attract a large number of visitors, popularity has also brought >

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