2016 private enterprises in Henan top 100 flowers Yutong group

2016 private enterprises in Henan top 100 flowers Yutong group

the economic development of a city, the city’s major enterprises can not be separated from the statistical evaluation, in order to get an accurate data. November 8th, the Henan Provincial Federation of industry and Commerce officially released 2016 Henan private enterprises top 100 list". Henan Yutong group ranked top, but also become the total profit and tax list list list, "top three list". This year was pushed on the tuyere of the real estate industry, in addition to tax, in the list is not particularly conspicuous.

Yutong top Jianye squeeze into the top ten

2016 Henan top 100 companies covering the province of different nature, different industries of large enterprises. List shows, Henan Yutong group to the total annual revenue of 38 billion 199 million yuan in the first 100. Days Rui group and Dragon into the group were 31 billion 536 million yuan, respectively, the operating income of the top 100 list of the top second, the top three in the top 24 billion 755 million.

from the perspective of enterprise classification, hundred private enterprises were the top three automobile manufacturing, non-metallic mineral products industry, ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry.

published a list of shows that the 2016 list of the top ten, only Jianye group a listed real estate companies, and is based on the "rookie" entered, ranked ninth. While the other 10 seats, or to the real estate industry. For example, the source electric in electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing group (002358, shares), non-ferrous metal smelting primarily Jinlong precision steel tube Co., Ltd. agricultural food processing Henan Zhongpin food Limited by Share Ltd.


combined Zhongyang Xichuan aluminum out

2016 private enterprises in Henan hundred list threshold is 1 billion 5 million yuan, while the threshold of entry in 2015 was $1 billion 17 million. Compared to the 2015 list, the list of the hundred major changes, this change can be seen from the top ten list.

2016 the top 100 private enterprises in Henan are the top ten Yutong group, Tianrui group, dragon group, Swiss Industrial Co., Sen source group, Jinlong Copper industry, and the Yellow River Zhongpin food, Jianye group, Jiyuan iron and steel. And in 2015, the top ten are Tianrui group, Jinlong Copper, Yutong group, dragon group, Zhongyang united, Sen source group, the Yellow River industrial, Jiyuan iron and steel, and aluminum Xichuan Zhongpin food.

Zhongyang joint and Xichuan aluminum out 2016 list, Jianye group to 12 billion 500 million yuan sales income ranked ninth hundred private enterprises in Henan, and in the industry are the top ten hot". In addition, changes in addition to the new business, there is a major change in the order. Last year recommended

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