Business incubator incubator nnoSpace cloud platform innovation

Business incubator incubator nnoSpace cloud platform innovation

business incubator also need to improve its service, through continuous upgrading of evolution, keep the incubator of their own advantages, give entrepreneurs the fastest and most powerful help, to adapt to the rapid development of the economic situation and changeable competitive market.

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IBM Greater China Cloud Computing Development Director Zhan Haiping said cloud ecological cooperation, IBM launched a global plan to support entrepreneurial enterprises "(GEP), recently specifically for China entrepreneurs launched a new cloud based" hit off plan for the establishment, within 5 years of startups, provide credit the amount of Bluemix cloud platform up to $120 thousand and support all over the world, and to help start-ups get through to enter the global market channels. In the newly established InnoSpace cloud innovation space, entrepreneurs can query the Bluemix cloud development platform and consulting services, IBM will also organize a series of activities of innovation and entrepreneurship in the InnoSpace, and to provide the "Easy Access enterprise global support program project recommendation.

It is reported that

in the business week, InnoSpace signed up with venture capital. Previously, InnoSpace TTB and SIEMENS jointly launched the 4 industrial venture accelerated program, and a source of Cyberport and InnoSpring, Hongkong Cyberport, TEP Mitsui real estate business incubation platform, KISED Korea Development Institute, Life.Sreda Russian mutual recommendation

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