Restaurant facade decoration attention to these four points will be able to attract customers

Restaurant facade decoration attention to these four points will be able to attract customers

What are the two most important points of

restaurant operation? The first is how its taste, which is a fatal factor, followed by the restaurant facade, which is to determine whether consumers would like to give you a taste of the taste of your home, both are indispensable. How to decorate your home in front of a number of restaurants in the unique features, attract people’s eyes.

four tips to make your restaurant look at the customer’s heart

so how to do to make their own appearance does not fall behind? Let’s take a look at the shop window display four important tips.

01 use light

We should pay attention to the use of

contrast and light color collocation in the restaurant door store beautification, the eyes of color and light is the most sensitive organ, as the restaurant door signs, use of color and light to grasp a degree; to feel good to consider first in pursuit of the premise no matter how attractive, eye-catching, gorgeous, but must have content, connotation.

02 play good signs

The function of

signs is very important, the location should be in the eye-catching place, and use a variety of means to make it eye-catching. Such as neon lights, lights, spotlights, reflector lamps, light boxes, strengthening effect, flowers, lanterns, pattern to foil. A design of the bottom bar signs, to adapt to the changes in trends, such as marble, granite, metal sheet, stainless steel plate Aluminum Alloy plate, so as to reflect the restaurant, but also a sense of the times. One of the highlights is the name of eye to attract customers, impressive, catchy, meaning is clearly the characteristics of a good design.

03 design style

if you want to make your restaurant hot, you have to be different from other restaurants in style. The design of the restaurant door to his restaurant and the pursuit of style consistent, showing a harmonious beauty; we know that the great difference between different consumer groups has favorite shop style, so we choose the style of the first to be certain market investigation. Combined with the location of their own meals, people’s living habits, the type of consumer to choose their own style of decoration.

04 showed preferential information

as a consumer, when choosing a place to eat, the price has become an important basis for consideration. Therefore, in front of the shop to set up their own shop information is particularly important. So we should be easy to see in the preferential information passing place, such as the LED screen, Yilabao on the street. In addition, in addition to the use of visual information to convey the benefits, >

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