Taobao small sellers do not do Taobao

Taobao small sellers do not do Taobao

The Taobao

shop business process, in fact, there are many tools we can use Taobao key for many small sellers, these tools do not know the use of some skills to use, do not know will not help to store business development, for example, now many shops are carried out the Taobao customer activities. In fact, Taobao off to do a chicken ribs project does and how they do it is easy to get confused the small sellers.

Taobao has three types:

1, Ali’s mother Taobao guest program

general plan: the plan of products, mostly Union website, cooperation, cooperation, APP browser will be extended to Ali outside the station, on a wide range, low accuracy, big chance, you don’t know what will be on what position of the site, basically belongs to god. This plan does not need to set too high, the general 2-5% enough, occasionally there are some traffic and conversion. With a new addition to the program as good, regular look at the report to see if there is a turnover of data can be basically do not worry.

best investment plan: in the best definition refers to the official vote on the plan by, you don’t need to find Taobao, Taobao system according to your baby’s conversion rate, volume, traffic and you set the number of the Commission to advertise for your way. In fact, the best investment is relying on the Taobao sale channel and in cooperation with the media and website, than the general plan with your strengths, product category, product marketing situation and can give the commission a greater relationship.

this can be set slightly higher commission, generally 10-30% based. The plan and general plan, set up, check regularly is good, but because of the Planning Commission is relatively high, still need to focus on the look, if your products comply with the plan of tonality, does have the transformation, but you don’t want to so much of the Commission, it needs timely adjustment.

Tao Group plan: at present only two choices, boutiques and 9 pieces of 9 groups every day, if you are following two categories and the price has nothing to do, skip, if relevant, you can know about.

2, Ali’s mother Taobao customer investment activities


investment activities very much, there are a lot of Taobao customers will release their plans every day, both individual Taobao customers also have the cooperation of the website Taobao promotion to customers, is mostly in the QQ group, discount, rebate network and so on this place, there is the task of Taobao customers send other Taobao customers the most basic requirements of sales and higher commissions, to some extent, some of the Amoy.

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