What are the three elements of successful operation of nternet cafes

What are the three elements of successful operation of nternet cafes

although every investor will open an Internet cafe, is to achieve a successful business. However, to achieve the goal of successful business, in fact, also need to do a good job, but also need to comply with the relevant elements. As a super manager, Shanghai Oriental outlets BOT shop Zhang Liangyi has 6 years of experience. Manager Zhang Liangyi through self-study, self improvement and exploration, created a set of Internet cafes operating management mode.

such as the implementation of zoning management of Internet cafes, humanization design and layout, the price should adopt different positioning, give members ladder concessions, the cafe from the sky a rate of only 40% to 50%, the popularity of Internet cafes will increase, forcing the machine from a total of 180 Taiwan had to increase to 250 units.

Zhangdian long is how to do it? According to his understanding is the environmental equipment, price positioning, service quality of these three points as the Internet cafe management of the three elements, and around the Internet business management of these three points. The following is based on the information provided by Zhangdian finishing, hoping to help owners of Internet cafes management.

1. integration of existing equipment resources to improve the consumption environment of Internet cafes

The layout and management of

in a planned way humane, personalized, high-end business and leisure areas specifically delineated area and entertainment area, part of the high-end consumer groups must give the comfort and privacy of space, to meet the requirements of major consumer groups, the customers came to the Internet can feel not only the Internet consumer experience, but also comfortable enjoy the environment.

The regional distribution of

grade business should meet the white-collar workers and college students need some quiet, comfortable and elegant, with independent space characteristics, relative privacy, and can be set to a single room. Leisure area layout into a relatively comfortable leisure sofa.

2. differential price positioning


in the implementation of regional division, combined with the Internet environment and service factors, can make difference in price positioning, for the entertainment area (the ordinary Hall) located ordinary customers 3 yuan / hour, leisure area (comfortable hall) located 4 yuan / hour, business area (single seat and box positioning) 5 yuan / hour.

if the Internet cafe has 300 computers, you can press the entertainment area: leisure area: business area = 150:100:50 mode distribution. Then when the customer in the discount strategy, members can enjoy twenty percent off discount, in order to make the flow of customers to become long-term customers of Internet cafes, and even loyal customers, members also calculated by 4 yuan / hour in the business area of consumption, even entertainment regional members after the discount, only 2.4 yuan / hour, in accordance with general price positioning.

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