Wuhan in the face of heavy rainfall how to save the subway

Wuhan in the face of heavy rainfall how to save the subway

in the rainy season period this year, a lot of places facing the baptism of heavy rain. In the face of heavy rain, heavy rain prevention work is very important. Wuhan has experienced 4 round of heavy rainfall, rainfall exceeded 1998, ground transportation under waterlogging serious influence, the Wuhan subway has become the city traffic aorta.

7 month 12 days, the reporter learned from Wuhan Metro Group, facing a new round of heavy rainfall, to ensure that residents of normal travel, Wuhan subway, do do fine work against stains, the material and personnel have been in place.

the next period of time, the subway anti waterlogging will implement 24 hours all-weather duty, 4 Line Weather lawangshi. Operators arrange night and morning, at least 2 mainline by Tim, patrol line network observation of tunnel structure, interval water etc.; and increase the vehicle access section of the frequency of inspections, ensure all the equipments and facilities are in good condition; the real time station surrounding the village adjacent to the contact and communication, collection and river station the Chu River, water level and flood information.

in order to deal with emergencies, the operating company was established by the formation of professional flood rescue commando, a total of 401 people, follow the company unified flood control group.

the construction department staff told reporters that the Ministry of construction of the mobilization of the 28 engineers from across the network, line 30 technicians set up "storm vanguard commando", used by the passenger transportation scheduling, which station need technical and human support, call. At the same time, the passenger transport departments were set up 100 flood prevention team. In order to prevent due to traffic congestion, to avoid wasting time on the road in the rescue, the passenger sector statistics of the station attendant accommodation, clear support for the site, so as to support the nearest.

Road station, the station district station, Wuchang Railway Station garden has been marked as key antiwaterlogging railway station, subway station group will increase the frequency of inspection visits, emergency measures are perfect details. At present, the whole network is normal, normal gravity drainage equipment.

in response to the first 4 rounds of heavy rainfall process, the subway line in the drainage pump group and control system can not be achieved, the operating company is responsible for the Department of mechanical and electrical drainage equipment maintenance and maintenance of the system.

reporter learned that, at present, 1542 sets of pumps to complete the depth of maintenance and repair. At the same time, the system was adjusted, the water inside the water pit, such as more than the warning line, through remote monitoring, real-time control of the whole process of pumping water pumping concrete. In order to meet the needs of the subway station waterproof, the group has 1200 sandbags, 3440 bags of water swelling demand distribution to the 29 stations, a total of more than 11000 bags of sandbags, distribution of flood control water swelling.


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