Jin Xingpen fans have not seen the name of Fan Bingbing

Jin Xingpen fans have not seen the name of Fan Bingbing

entertainment now can say words constantly, there will be some stars are frequently tearing phenomenon, there are some stars and friends of mutual fans tore, recently popular "show" Venus, Venus, the teacher talked about Fan Bingbing’s remarks caused a lot of fans discontent.

recently Venus on a TV show about Fan Bingbing, said she did not own a masterpiece, "all day long" Ma Niu Zhen "earthquake", or when people mention Fan Bingbing thought only advertising and golden. Then, there are fans for the Fan Bingbing grievance, defy venus. August 17th, Venus through micro-blog NC powder, saying, there is a kind of face to face to scold me, have seen the money, did not see the curse!"

8 17 at 20:58 on the moon, Venus through micro-blog NC powder, said: a carpet star NC powder to me to listen to: there is a kind of face to scold me! For those of you who live in the sewer, garbage people, my attitude is as shown in the figure below!" The picture is a lovely little girl and a camel, shouting at the distance.

the micro-blog exposure, and users have forwarded the message, netizens said: "you are tearing force." Venus replied: "shredded squid!" There are also friends said: I would have liked you, you say that Fan Bingbing, I feel very disappointed, after all, people do not say what you." In response, Venus responded by saying: Miss Fan admitted that he is a blanket star? Are you holding her? Or harm her? [question] this year is common to pick up money, has not seen to pick up the curse!"

now whether some of the social networking platform or some micro-blog frequency, WeChat, the entire speech than before it has been relatively free, while in a social environment, everyone’s speech is of course not the war of words.


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