Sun Yang 1500 meters finals three consecutive years of broken dreams

Sun Yang 1500 meters finals three consecutive years of broken dreams

Sun Yang is a good swimmer, our domestic relatively high visibility at the same time, he in the world of sports is also a very good athlete, once in a number of world-class competitions have a very good performance.

however before the final, only 7 people in the waiting area, Sun Yang did not appear, the long distance the king chose to retire, according to official said, Sun Yang is because the heart does not opt out of the final tonight, Yang Saiqian participated in the sun to warm up, the body is not too big problem. Sun Yang 1500 meters freestyle three consecutive mengsui.

7 in the final, Paltene Leigh of Italy and Cochran of Canada competition before the 200 micko Karen in the lead, followed by only 0.45 seconds behind Paltene Leigh. 400 meters, Paltene Leigh to achieve anti super, Karen lagged behind for about 0.23 seconds, the United States of Jagger in the third. Paltene Leigh to keep the edge, 750 meters ahead of Cochran at the time of 1.81 seconds. After 1000 meters of the race, Paltene Leigh’s first position more and more solid. 1200 meters, Paltene Leigh ahead of the second of the Jagger, 3.10. The last 100 metres, Jagger to 2 seconds 88 distance. But Paltene Leigh is still firmly in 14 minutes 39 seconds 67 won the championship, the creation of a European record. Jagger of the United States to get the silver medal, Canada’s bronze medal for the bronze medal of Cochran.


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