Restaurant business needs to do a good job four points

Restaurant business needs to do a good job four points

is a popular restaurant, which is the pursuit of many people, however, want to achieve this goal, but also we need to do more work. So, the restaurant business need to do a good job which four points? And let Xiaobian for your analysis.

is now slightly hot point of the restaurant is usually long queues, ranging from one or two hours or even normal. The consumer side is anxiously waiting for, one side is complain about. Catering business side is ecstatic, while on the way to stop the loss of customers.

so, whether there is a reasonable method to the satisfaction of all.

from the operator’s point of view, to be able to queue is the pride of businessmen and vivid advertising, the team must not row, and to do everything possible to create a queue. But, wait too long is not necessarily a good thing, may be the loss of potential clients, and more at duration the higher the value, the more will be holding a magnifying glass and look at all the details of the more difficult the tainted glasses, create surprises and satisfying customer experience.

suitable queue is conducive to creating profits

first, intended to allow customers to queue up, will become a link in the marketing process.

queue is used to do hunger marketing, to attract passers-by and curiosity in the minds of consumers have a subtle change: from the first day to pass, curiosity, to finally try to accept the idea of queuing, inquisitive eyes of envy, hate only team can’t slow down.

second, when consumers face nearly two renovated restaurant, and they do not have too much to understand, if one of them in the queue, then the opportunity to be selected will be greater.

is suitable for queuing to increase the income of the restaurant, but when the "degree", will bring a lot of problems. How to control the "degree" is particularly important.

Restaurant Design

on the one hand, the size of the restaurant should be much, you need to place a number of locations, which requires a precise forecast. The area is too large, too much location will cause waste of resources, on the contrary, it will lose customers.

at the beginning of the seating layout, catering for two people often set, four or six numbers blurred, setting error leads to consumer demand and the seating layout does not match, the vacancy rate increased.

restaurant style

restaurant style is directly related to the restaurant turnover rate. For example, most of the fast food restaurants are bright style, white light, hard bench. In this >

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