Four financial assistance to help you worry about entrepreneurship

Four financial assistance to help you worry about entrepreneurship

now, the hands of many people good venture but first card in the capital, is it really should be a sentence, one can’t make bricks without straw. With a good entrepreneurial projects, but there is no financial support, how to do? In fact, there are many channels to raise funds, if the public to make good use of policies and financial instruments, then you can easily get funding support.

The use of small loan policy:

if you in less than 60 years old, there are specific business projects, healthy, honest and trustworthy, and hold the "re employment concession card", the Guarantee Corporation guarantee after the relevant government departments for approval and then can apply for small loans.

The use of financial instruments:


hypothecated loan is the direct loan mode. The borrower may make a pledge to the borrower by a certain proportion of the denomination of the pledge rights certificate to the borrower under the name of the person or the third person who has the right of the right of the individual. The public consumer loans to the bank in the form of a right certificate shall be determined in accordance with the term of the certificate of rights, the longest period shall not exceed one year, and shall not exceed the expiration date of the pledge certificate.

commonly used at present and personal housing mortgage loans. It refers to the personal loan customers to apply for personal consumption loans, I or third of the property has been mortgaged to the housing shortage of the mortgage rate of part of the mortgage guarantee. At present, the bank accepts the mortgaged property as the personal property house owned by law. Including: the ownership of commercial housing and property rights to obtain full sale of public houses by public houses or second-hand housing. The customer has recommended against loans

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