Bad habits in business need to be corrected in time

Bad habits in business need to be corrected in time

in the course of the development of store management, there are a lot of people because of their lack of awareness, resulting in a lot of bad habits, the store has a very big negative impact on the operation. So, if you want to make the business of the shop can be hot, by the trust of more customers, some of the bad habits of the business process we need to correct in a timely manner.

Hello, I have to buy the goods customers away, and tell me, haven’t seen such a useless person, summer, water everywhere, wearing sports shoes for a day, not to clean up and cool to own, barefoot wearing slippers, stinking, to the shop, let alone buy things, the pungent smell, the way will be able to run. Shop to do business, how can there be such a self?

the customer buy finished goods to go after, I mused: shop business, in addition to genuine goods at a fair price, outside quality and cheap, the image really is a big problem that can not be ignored, just like the shopkeeper, shoes, cool yourself smoked away customers. It seems that everyone need to consider what is not acceptable to the customer’s bad habits, and promptly corrected, nip in the bud.

today, please wash your face to look at themselves in the mirror, talk about their own business in what is convenient to correct their bad habits, but also to remind everyone, let’s change in the management of those bad habits, and strive to do better business!

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in Nanyang City

this topic more timely, although a little feel shy you expose your weaknesses, but to look at themselves in the mirror and wash your face really is necessary. I’ll go first, so the.

said that their business in a bad habit, it is a bald head lice – obvious!

I shop in the rural village, customers are acquaintances, when started to set up shop, always think of the goods is not poor, we are familiar with the customer to the store to buy things, as long as their old, there is no need for genuine goods at a fair price, smile and politeness, that there is not a bit hypocritical? Plus your body is not good, the mood is good and bad, a lot of time your bad mood to greet customers in addition to, the guests will be encountered and the cold, very unpleasant. To this end, but also unwittingly offended a lot of customers.

there is oneself a bit lazy, goods into the store, just put on the shelf, to store the goods out of order, not that the customer, when a lot of worry even oneself also can not find some goods in what place, so their customers no less trouble, at the same time because of lazy, some of the goods above dusty is >

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