Yang Guanjin a common and ordinary fish shop owner

Yang Guanjin a common and ordinary fish shop owner

in Chongqing, a good boss grilled fish shop. He is not only the integrity of the shop, carefully hospitality, also had repeatedly courageous, with a force of people from the fire rescue vehicle driver. His name was Yang Guanjin.

4 7 July 2 in the afternoon, the rain hit the store canopy, splash. Yang Guanjin came to the door on time to start preparations. But an hour later, the shop is still deserted, posted on the wall of a shop transfer notice. "The fish shop was opened in March last year, the business was very good." Yang Guanjin is a shop location, Rongqiao Peninsula owners food street, many diners should ordinarily. But years after the loss of the book, let him worry.


Egongyan two car collision fire

4 5 March 12 at night, Yang shut off the store, go to the hospital to see the March 24th car accident in Egongyan bridge injured taxi driver ho. Yang Guanjin in Mr. Ho’s eyes already became the Savior, two people to call brother.


150 yuan Chuang Chongqing

and partner do fish shop

originally sold fish in Wuxi Yang Guanjin has a good income, a few years have a car and a house. But because of family tragedies, savings boondoggle, he came to Chongqing to work hard. When he walked out of the Chongqing Railway Station, with only 150 dollars.

Although the

"when the security Baochibaozhu recommended

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