Shop name how to take a classic name

Shop name how to take a classic name

this year, more and more shops. Commercial competition is fierce a superb collection of beautiful things. Many sellers are promoting their products and services. "Wine is not afraid of deep alley" has become obsolete, or how KFC and McDonald’s are open in the most concentrated stream of people on the road? But 50 meters away will have to hang a sign big?

shop, the first look at front and name, a big name, not only can attract people, but also help to improve visibility. So, how to play a very want to go see, gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory name? I summed up the following points for everyone, and provides a practical case, we can fully understand the spirit, learn from creativity.

a shop to get more classical development, in addition to the good operation, beginning a classic name is also very important. However, the name of the shop to get a more classic name, which has become a big problem plagued operators. So, how to get a classic shop name? Let Xiaobian for your analysis and analysis methods.

first hold celebrity thigh

there is a saying "one win, this is the secret of heaven", make full use of the popularity of the celebrity, started their own gold card. However, in the name of the celebrity to be noted when the transformation, whether in line with the location of the store, reflecting the characteristics of the shop, otherwise it would be a bit offensive.

There was a small restaurant called "guest Pro Dayton" — I do not know now is not food has changed its name called "

Chengdu dressed temple under the overpass".

Beijing Huilongguan street, a restaurant called "Sun Wufan" — may have to ask people rushed into the "dragon ball?"

Chengdu has a hotel, hanging red card "hi this meal" — for a Korean restaurant.

a steamed stuffed bun shop called "Mo smell" – why not smell? Baozi smell?

a Wenzhou rice monopoly shop, called "rice · Kirsten." — this name has been the local media as the most creative name. It’s a chain store.

sells a halogen products shop, famous "halogen deep" – style!

second until

dull remarks

this name shows the broad and profound Chinese characters mostly use homophonic and polyphonic, and give people at the hearing on a strong stimulus.

there is a western restaurant in Chengdu. It’s called "no hunger."

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