O2O practical Raiders share food ingredients

O2O practical Raiders share food ingredients

in the Internet plus era, many entrepreneurs are looking for viable business strategy, and food ingredients procurement market is still no change, most people have not found it a blank field, many start-up companies have begun ready to.

1 and supply chain’s siphon effect

in the previous article, we said this is the priority among priorities, he is related to quality control index of operation, effectiveness. Intermediate chain ingredients O2O and its core is to get rid of these inefficient, replace them you can thrive, you must first the heteronomy step to death. Therefore, we must start to choose the level of wholesale market, generally every level wholesale market price difference of at least 15% or more, as far as possible towards a more upstream, so as to obtain a more competitive price, more high-quality resources, the vision will be more open.

but, because it is from scratch, many new practitioners began to be very painful in the supply chain, the shopkeeper’s help are unlikely to respond to you, the price is not really very awkward. But this layer must be rapid breakthrough bottleneck, otherwise either large scale burn forced, such as federal food, pre burn rapid expanding the scale, and now are suppliers begged him a partnership.

or only one step of exploration, time-consuming and laborious. Now the wind continued weakness, rough burn way increasingly expensive, less market. How to do? It is best to be able to force suppliers at the least cost, even if the initial volume is very small. I have experience of many projects, such as the only (LV) (SHI) (BU) as the (Shuang): evaluation of some goods you can store, a single purchase amount is large enough, the best amount of the whole truck, causing a sensation in the wholesale market, showing the scale of business, the strength, then shifts category toss a few times, when the siphon effect is manifested, there will be more than N suppliers come to seek cooperation, then see how you talk, how to choose suitable suppliers.

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