Meng Yanli eggs to attract customers to do business

Meng Yanli eggs to attract customers to do business

for any business in any of the current industry, one of the biggest trouble is probably so attractive to customers. In fact, different owners have their own business strategy, below, let Xiaobian take you to meet Meng Yan is how to attract customers, to see if she has a coup.

has several years of experience in running a supermarket, and over the years, I have accumulated a number of ways to attract customers. For example, my approach is to use the egg to attract customers in the supermarket, the egg is a kind of special commodity, say the reason is because I never earn egg money, but I can use the egg to make money. For the sale of eggs, my approach is to go to the original price, many customers and peers do not understand, do not understand the purpose of doing so.

in fact, the egg can not earn much money, I simply do not earn this money. So, I’ll sell original, of course the other than the supermarket was cheap, so I attract a lot of customers, they say my egg is cheap, some customers prefer detour to buy me. They have a good impression of our supermarket, so the mood will be happy, and then will buy other goods.

this way, promoting our supermarket sales of all kinds of goods, a customer twenty hundred, everyone’s reputation is the most important, we have not done any publicity, but customers say our supermarket cheap, and in fact, other commodities in our stores are not cheap, is the normal price, but cheaper than egg. This is one of my initiatives, because our supermarket and no other characteristics, I can only through this initiative to increase their own characteristics, improve the degree of concern, but also to attract customers, and thus earn income.

for eggs, I use eggs in addition to doing so. My specific approach is that every day to the most advanced store customers each person an egg, of course, is a kind of hype, the purpose is to attract customers, thereby enhancing the customer’s attention to our supermarket. And this I did but also effective, there are many old people every day all right, after they heard this measure, long ago came to me in front of the supermarket queuing.

although just to get a few eggs, but can make our supermarket to attract popularity, this is not a very good momentum? Over the years, I am using egg to do business, sometimes, my egg prices will rise a little, but certainly lower than other supermarket, this is my characteristic, this is my wisdom, I use this method to attract a lot of customers.

look, although only some eggs, even if they can not make money, there will be no loss, but it has such a big role for the promotion of store profits have a very big role. So, if you are also a supermarket operator, is to enhance the super

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