Zhengzhou second-hand housing prices rose 100 thousand a day at noon

Zhengzhou second-hand housing prices rose 100 thousand a day at noon

this year the property market hot let us by surprise, the new price increases with the development of market economy can hardly be avoided like, but the second-hand housing is also to the guards at the rate of growth. In the eyes of buyers and real estate agents, the price of second-hand housing in Zhengzhou in June as a watershed, so that they feel some crazy". Zhengzhou second-hand housing prices rose 100 thousand a day at noon, we look at specific details.

Longhai Road at the school district room, one at noon have dozens of real estate intermediary business personnel, with dozens of people to the owners of a house, look at this posture, hike, raise the price of 100 thousand yuan.

these amazing story, can represent the overall market in Zhengzhou?

[amazing case]

intermediary introduced a second-hand housing

Zhengzhou city live in

near the South Sanhuan Wang, this summer have been very anxious.

kindergarten rental contract expired, the developers have to rent the house to a higher price to other people, the next semester when the school, he did not know the child to which kindergarten. The wife again buy recommendations: simply to the road near the mall to buy second-hand housing units, a distance of work units near, find a kindergarten nearby, convenient adults also facilitate the children; and also to prepare for the next year on primary school children. So they send their children back home, the couple focused on finding room.

8 month 6 days, Saturday at 12 a.m., Wang suddenly received a real estate intermediary telephone. The phone, the intermediary clerk with news like: "Longhai Road is a district, the landlord agreed to let the house, at half past twelve, the first floor, two rooms, 80 square meters, 850 thousand yuan, the key is still very cost-effective." Wang think this house and his ideal location is a bit far, do not go to.

100 house landlord swapping

who knows, in the afternoon, he elsewhere in the house, Longhai Road, the house house event, became a real estate intermediary clerk talk, all feel very surprised.

"you do not know, a lot of intermediary with the customer to go, the people have to have dozens of intermediary."

plus showings customers, with hundreds of people back and forth, the house has been standing people."

landlord came a look, so many people, then up 50 thousand yuan, shouting to $900 thousand."

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