How to impress a knowledgeable customer

How to impress a knowledgeable customer

each customer’s situation is different, their consumption mentality will be different, and different customers, naturally also need managers to treat different. We often encounter various types in the daily sales process of the customer, I think to different types of customers, we should take different service skills and sales, and service as a kind of etiquette and the art into the family, quality service, trying to impress the customer’s desire to achieve the purpose of sales.

we are the most difficult to sell in the knowledge of the customer, this type of customer, he is very knowledgeable about the goods, and even more than we know. How to move the knowledge of the customer, I think:

first, have a sincere and friendly attitude from the heart. Enthusiastic, sincere service attitude to allow customers to our services to be recognized, recognition of our good service is the key to our ability to retain a customer. Sincere greetings and smiles, will give customers a good first impression, but also laid the foundation for our successful sales.

second, according to the specifications of the process to do every step of our work. For example, ask the customer for his taste, according to his taste to come up with our goods to the customer to choose. Customers can simply treat knowledge, introduces the varieties of goods, but we don’t need to say too much, go beyond that, if he is sincere to buy if he will make a choice, if you say too much, maybe it will make him sick of you.

third, have patience and patience. For customers to see the variety to meet their needs, with a smile, patience and meticulous service for him, do not need too much words, so as to avoid customer dissatisfaction mood.

fourth, to be a good listener, to show customers the opportunity to learn. We smiled and nodded, listen to his narrative, he would think that we respect him and pay attention to him, also said that his praise for his erudition, psychological satisfaction. It is important to remember that you can’t simply deny the customer’s point of view, leaving a bad impression on your customers, or it will be difficult to achieve sales, and you may lose the customer forever.

fifth, with a wealth of expertise to impress customers. Let the customer also admire you, so follow your ideas, give up their own point of view, to accept our reasonable suggestions, as well as the goods we recommend.

such a class of customers, if the usual way to receive other customers reception, I am afraid it is difficult to form a transaction. In short, the knowledge of customers, the key is to speak, to seize the right time, flexible use of sales skills, correct recommendation, let the customer satisfaction and the desire to buy, not only let us customers have established a good relationship, let us achieve the sales target, and make the customer satisfied.

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