Different types of clothing store selection techniques

Different types of clothing store selection techniques

in the clothing market, a wide range of clothing types, for different groups of different needs, each kind of clothing has its own sales market. So how do you choose the location of clothing sales for different types of clothing?

high-grade casual choice when the point of sale can learn from the sales area before a type of clothing sales, at the same time, in University, high-tech companies concentrated regions (such as Hangzhou and Wensanlu Road, all the way IT enterprises concentrated area established stores or stores).


in casual – refers to the terminal sales price of 300 yuan in the casual brand, can be considered in the university area (such as Hangzhou Xiasha University City) sales, also can be considered into the sales of supermarkets. Because of the price advantage, in the University City, the current popular supermarket adult environment, can make up for the small profits, single commodity profit is insufficient in sales.

grade casual wholesale city – many now have a professional clothing wholesale and retail market, the market has its own unique advantages in wholesale, but also attracted many consumers to pursue cheap. These professional clothing market although in open cost (rental) relative to the mall and not what advantages, but its sales are often several times the store or mall, to enhance the brand see great help goods rate.

maternity (incidentally small children) due to the particularity of its products, the best sales area is in the vicinity of the more famous obstetric hospital nearby or professional gynecology hospital. Because of maternity (incidentally small children) there are many consumer groups and not their own consumption, but as a gift to give, so many convenience consumers will purchase in accordance with the principle of proximity, when visiting pregnant women in the hospital nearby. Of course, the brand value of such products is relatively high in the main business area and large commercial buildings. "

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