The provincial CPPCC bimonthly Consultation Forum

The provincial CPPCC bimonthly Consultation Forum

7 25, the provincial CPPCC bimonthly consultation forum, around the "create a good social atmosphere, promote agricultural and pastoral areas of waste management suggestions. Chairman of the CPPCC Provincial Committee presided over the green.

Zhang Jianmin, vice governor of the Provincial Standing Committee, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Ma Zhiwei, the provincial CPPCC office, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial housing and urban construction department, the Provincial Department of finance, provincial environmental protection department and other departments responsible comrades, some provincial CPPCC members attended the meeting.

Ma Zhiwei briefly describes the research situation. Provincial CPPCC research group has been to Xining, Huangnan, Haidong, Hainan, Haibei, field view of the 14 landfill, visited more than and 20 villages, held various forms of the forum, and the Hercynian, Yushu, Golog, were commissioned research, and the formation of the research report.

Li Shengchen, Lu Chenghui, Li Yi, Kang Ying, Zhu Chunling, Zhang Xiuping, Gao Yulan, Wang Xiaomei and other members, from planning, clear the main responsibility, establish a sound long-term mechanism, strengthen the agricultural and pastoral areas of "white trash" comprehensive prevention and control, improve the living environment of agricultural and pastoral areas and other aspects of suggestions. Miscellaneous county introduced the comprehensive treatment of garbage in pastoral areas.

after carefully listening to opinions and suggestions, Zhang Jianmin introduced to the members of the agricultural and pastoral areas of waste management work, the achievements and the existing problems, "13th Five-Year" period of work. He said that the CPPCC members to support the work of the government, the provincial government will seriously study and fully absorb the results of the adoption of consultations.


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