Xining 115 temporary parking point from the government to regulate the right to recover

Xining 115 temporary parking point from the government to regulate the right to recover

in order to further standardize the temporary parking management work of Xining city on both sides of the road, resolutely correct the long approval settings are not standardized, "escrow", Luantingluanfang phenomenon. According to the general office of the municipal government "on Further Strengthening the city’s parking lot management work conference summary", the municipal government decided to withdraw Xining City pass company road, road temporary parking concession, and the termination of the Qinghai Xinhao Parking Management Company Limited signed the "management rights transfer agreement", the Xining City public road temporary parking the right to operate the transfer to the city Department of transportation unified normative management. From today, Xining City 115 city public temporary parking fees (field) will enable new bills, signage, February 10th a month’s time, to complete the remaining 64 public temporary parking management work. This reporter learned from the Municipal Transportation Bureau in January 27th.

[] for redress of complaints of road 110

at present, Xining city parking lot management office has been established since January 25th, has completed the verification of all temporary parking berths, address, area, facilities, signage and other procedures, today Xining city public temporary parking lot (point) will enable the new fee bill. In addition, if the future members of the public in the parking violations found in charge of personnel can call 110 telephone complaints 6316110 transportation.

[historical background] parking lot turnover several times after the transfer of

with the rapid increase in the number of motor vehicles in the city, the rapid growth of motorized travel rates, poor road congestion becomes a bottleneck restricting the overall development of the city, affecting the normal life of the people. The parking service needs to ease Xining’s growing municipal government from 2011 to the city road, parking lot management service franchise to the city of Xining traffic construction investment limited pilot operation, and in 2012 promulgated the "Xining city parking lot management measures". In October of the same year by tender introduction of market management, commissioned by the Qinghai Xinhao parking service company responsible for operating the city road and parking lot of their. Since then, for the comprehensive efficiency give full play to all levels of government in the construction of parking lot management, city traffic administrative departments in June 2013 and the parking lot management functions transferred to the district government, the city of Xining through the company special parking management right outside the road shall be handed over to the district government, signed a new parking management agreement with Qinghai Xinhao parking service company.

[government] has held a meeting to regulate parking fees

district government responsible for parking lot management work, can give full play to the comprehensive advantages of management, but in practice because the parking lot management system needs some time to explore and improve the parking lot management services, it is difficult to fundamentally ease the increasingly serious "parking difficult" situation, the original management mode is difficult to adapt to the parking demand under the new situation, "Parking" and "Parking" phenomenon has become increasingly prominent, people reflect strongly. Municipal government attaches great importance to this,;

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