Our province continue to increase the intensity of the work of township hospitals

Our province continue to increase the intensity of the work of township hospitals

days ago, the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission issued the "Qinghai province 2016-2020 annual township hospital targeted aid plan", continue to increase targeted aid efforts in township hospitals. Plan through 5 years, effectively improve the basic medical and public health service capacity of township hospitals, to achieve the first diagnosis, slow and divided, two-way referral, grading clinics, a reasonable medical order and pattern.

"implementation plan" by objectives, main tasks, innovation support, support and support, establish and improve the cycle range of targeted aid mechanism, strengthen the organization and leadership in personnel management, and security measures in seven parts, requires the country to establish a perfect three targeted aid mechanism, strict implementation of service system of city doctors to rural health institutions that young physicians to establish a service system of township hospitals, physician incentives to build grassroots support; the medical institutions according to the existence of the recipient township hospitals the weak link and the needs of business development, team support, support, remote hosting point support, classification support etc., in order to strengthen the construction of talent and ability training for township hospitals the focus, combined with practical, innovative ways, precise helping, strive to improve the township hospitals basic medical and public Health service ability.

"implementation plan" put forward, through the 2016-2020 five years, efforts to build a number of comprehensive strength of the central township health centers, other township hospitals generally enhance the overall strength. The diagnostic ability of residents in rural and pastoral areas of common disease and initial treatment capacity significantly improved; cultivate a group with a certain level of professional and technical personnel of clinical and public health professional and technical personnel; township hospitals in rural and pastoral areas residents become more intensive treatment, a pivotal role. Explore the establishment of support units and recipient hospitals division of labor relations, to develop the first primary diagnosis, Easy Access referral, township hospital construction and the satisfaction of the masses, the effective establishment of the first primary diagnosis, grading clinics, two-way referral service system.


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