Entrepreneurial companies should be how to grasp the spring recruitment tide

Entrepreneurial companies should be how to grasp the spring recruitment tide

just after the Spring Festival, but also to the annual job hopping job recruitment peak, for small and beautiful start-up companies, to find like-minded and capable staff is very important. So you have to read the following article.

The "

how to recruit

startup after melt into the capital, a big problem is the recruitment. It is important and difficult to recruit good people. In fact, this is also the most important thing for entrepreneurs.

if you do not recruit this thing, then you will not be successful, is a product company’s entrepreneurial team. You are absolutely impossible to set up a company single-handed. And it’s easy for you to tell yourself that the average person can do something good.

–  much time

you can outsource this thing, you should take the time to evaluate each candidate, so they want to work in your company, and personally. Keith  Rabois (Note:   Square  COO) that when a company has not reached the size of 500 people, the founder should participate in the interview of each candidate.

–  at the beginning, do the dirty work of

when it comes to spend time, you should understand the work contents of each position before recruitment. If you don’t understand, it’s hard for you to find the right person. The most typical example is a technical background CEO to recruit a vice president of sales, for he did not want to do their dirty work. This is not good. He should learn how to do his own sales, and then figure out the details. After the decision in the final candidates, he can refer to the board of directors or the investor’s proposal.

–  looking for smart and efficient people

there are some specific requirements for each specific job, but smart and effective rate is to be recommended

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