Failed prison system

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORE11 theater productions to see in Southern California this week, Dec. 27-Jan. 2Woodland Hills It’s hypocritical Re “Prudish L.A. nixes `Hooters for Neuters”‘ (June 28): The Daily News was the only one who wrote a balanced article. Animal Services needs money for spay/neuter. I see nothing wrong with a bikini contest. People parade around our beaches in bikinis. I see nothing wrong with Hooters. The city accepts taxes from them. Why not accept donations? The animals aren’t prudes. They’d rather see a woman in a bikini than be dead. It’s hypocritical that Councilman Jack Weiss said “How stupid can they be?” when he took campaign contributions from Playboy. So did our mayor, Ruth Galanter, Bill Rosendahl, Mike Feuer, Joel Wachs, Tom Hayden and Mike Woo. Our governor was a nude model. Should we not associate with him? If I could save lives by wearing a bikini, I’d wear one proudly. – Mary Cummins Los Angeles Losing control Re “Prudish L.A. nixes `Hooters for Neuters”‘ (June 28): Feminist outrage must not overshadow the real issues uncovered by the Hooters fund-raising event for pet sterilization. Elected officials who receive big tax dollars to oversee L.A. city departments have apparently lost control. L.A. Animal Services is headed by a commission and a city manager, personally appointed by and reporting to the mayor and confirmed as wise, experienced decision-makers by the council. So, who foolishly allowed the official city seal to adorn the Hooters bikini contest flier, along with an LAAS logo more humanely egregious than the event itself? This new departmental logo depicts our city animal shelters as a giant “doghouse,” perhaps a self-fulfilling prophecy for manager Ed Boks and the commission. That’s where they all belong after this fiasco. – Denise A. Justin Los Angeles Laying blame Re “Deadly parking” (Your Opinions, June 28): Bob Mauch says that the problem with parking comes from our elected officials’ attitude of come one, come all, that has created all our problems. Bob, that would lead me to believe it’s all the illegal aliens’ fault; no one else but them, it has to be them – from the war in Iraq, to our rising gas prices. – Gus Torres Lancaster Great con job So Mayor Tony wants to reform the LAUSD. The 64 percent dropout rate is too high, and I presume he is concerned that the test scores are too low. Since I do not have to be politically correct in what I voice, let me offer a reality check. A recent INS/FBI report states that more than 42 percent of the LAUSD students speak little or no English. You could take enough “A” and “B” students from the Valley to populate grades 1 through 12 in Japan, Korea or China at 42 percent and watch those schools’ results plummet. Why? Because they don’t speak the language. As long as our borders remain a sieve and L.A. continues as a sanctuary city, the LAUSD will continue to be a substandard educational system. – George Timko West Hills Promises broken It’s time to put a stop to politicians using our children as political pawns. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa isn’t any more capable of improving education in Los Angeles than he is of stopping the war in Iraq. This attempt by the mayor to control the LAUSD is only to enhance his own political future. Every politician from the White House down, for as long as I can remember, has promised to improve education for our children, and not one has delivered. Why should anyone believe that the mayor can improve education in Los Angeles when he hasn’t proved he can manage the city yet? I hope we do not lose six years experimenting with our children. – George T. Stewart II Lancaster LAUSD qualified LAUSD is now producing more dropouts than graduates and that doesn’t bode well for this city. So what will become of those who do not complete even that basic level of education? Perhaps today’s typical city action in our little neighborhood could answer that question. Two weeks ago, a water main blew out on our street. No sinkhole yet, but the game ain’t over. Today, in response to political insistence, the street sweepers came by to push out some of the mud. But today is trash pickup day, too. The street sweeper’s driver said that he told his superiors of the conflict, but they told him to sweep anyway. Virtually none of the street was cleaned, but the politicians could now claim to be doing something. With apparently no real qualifications needed to become a politician, the LAUSD is providing us with an endless supply of the unqualified to apply for the positions. – Nate Brogin Sherman Oaks Not vouchers again Re “Mayor caving” (Your Opinion, June 27): Warren Thompson states that, “(vouchers) have been consistently shown to improve education, especially for the disadvantaged.” I wonder to which category of “disadvantaged” he refers. Is it the socioeconomically disadvantaged? Or is it perhaps the mentally, emotionally or physically disadvantaged? When these “schools” are mandated to serve all students, including the special-needs students, I might rethink my position on the subject of vouchers. Then the playing field will be approaching level. Taking money from the already financially strapped schools is not the solution. – Prentiss Moore Sherman Oaks And outnumbered I am continually amazed by people like Madelyne Barnett (Your Opinions, June 27) who complain about the comic “Mallard Fillmore” because it is conservative. Let’s take a look at the comics section. Liberal: “Zippy,” “Rudy Park” and probably “Funky Winkerbean.” Conservative: “Mallard Fillmore.” Apparently, the competition is too much even though “Millard Fillmore” is outnumbered two or three to one. Then there’s the ones that are actually funny: “One Big Happy,” and “Dinette Set.” – Robert S. Kennedy Jr. Camarillo Broadband If you wonder why your subscriptions are down, possibly it is because you never do any stories relevant to people’s everyday life. For instance, I cannot get broadband in Los Angeles proper. Over a year ago, I called DSL Extreme. They came out and said I was two blocks away. AT&T told them I was six months away. Of course that is not true. I am paying more for dial-up than I would for DSL broadband. How many other people in Los Angeles are in the same position? Does anyone care? I wrote the mayor at that time. It was never addressed. I wrote AT&T. They said they would let me know via e-mail. I am still waiting. – Joan Hertz Arleta Unbelievable We all know that our government is comprised of politicians. So, how come if we read “the government says,” we believe it. Substitute “our politicians say” – we wouldn’t trust or believe them. Remember that the next time the government tells you something. – Frank Barron Van Nuys160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Re “Prison reform tops agenda” (June 28): The special session for prison reform sounds like the problem on the Titanic again. This time the governor is not “moving the deck chairs” while the ship sinks. No, he is proposing building new and better deck chairs so an even bigger prison system can go down in style. When is the problem of too many prisoners, in too long sentences, with no rehab, in a system that is run by a union and supported by a Legislature that passes “tough on crime” laws to get elected going to be addressed? When are the citizens going to realize that this system is making the state less safe by releasing tens of thousands every year unequipped for employment or even re-entering society? – Bob Driscoll last_img