first_imgYou might say it all began more than three decades ago with the laughter of a federal government minister.Yes, Boris Brott recalls that Barbara McDougall actually laughed at him when he asked why there were no government training programs to help musicians.Undaunted, the then conductor of the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra managed to persuade the amused minister that in financing such a program she would be supporting working professionals, not people who make music for a hobby, and with the help of her discretionary funds an orchestra was born. The National Academy Orchestra of Canada has been operating for 30 years now and two days ago launched its 2018 season at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre with an Andrew Lloyd Webber program titled Music of the Night. Login/Register With: Twitter Advertisement Advertisementcenter_img Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Facebook Boris Brott persisted, despite initially being laughed at, to create the National Academy Orchestra of Canada, with the help of discretionary federal funds. (BH2)last_img read more

Kickstarter Campaign for Worlds First Real Hoverboard Launches Today

first_img A Kickstarter campaign for Hendo Hoverboards – advertised as the “world’s first REAL hoverboard” – kicked off on the crowdfunding platform this morning.While the project – which aims to raise $250,000 within the next 54 days – isn’t an Internet prank, the product is very much still a prototype instead of, say, a replica of Marty McFly’s tripped out multicolored board.While the Hendo board indeed hovers, it only does so one inch above the ground, and only if the ground in question is a conductive surface. Other drawbacks: the battery lasts a mere seven minutes and there are currently only 10 prototypes, each priced at $10,000 on Kickstarter.Related: This Viral Hoverboard Video Looks Ridiculously Awesome — Yet Sadly FakeSo…we won’t be hovering to work anytime soon.According to Greg and Jill Henderson, the couple behind the Kickstarter campaign, the hoverboard project is really just a brilliant marketing play. “That’s why we picked the hoverboard: to capture that attention,” Greg Henderson told The New York Times. “If one in 10 people realize there is another use for this stuff, that would be a great success.”Ultimately, the couple wants to draw peoples’ attention to hovering technology’s potential applications beyond the board, in industries “that range from warehouse operations, to building foundation improvements, to novel methods of electromechanical fluid separation,” they write on the project’s Kickstarter page. What if, they ask, the same technology that makes their prototype levitate could be harnessed to do vastly more useful things, including saving entire buildings from earthquake damage by elevating them above the ground? If that seems pretty far out (OK, it definitely does), the Hendersons also have ideas for more contained applications, such as using electromagnets to  slightly elevate individual train cars, making them easier to move around train yards.Related: U.S. Army Developing a Real Live ‘Iron Man’ SuitIn this lets-make-more-things-hover vein, backers who pledge $299 toward the project will receive a developer’s kit, enabling them to build their own hovering contraptions.”Our goal is inspiring co-creation with the entire community of tinkerers and makers and outside thinkers,” Greg Henderson told The Verge. “I guarantee one thing: we’re going to be surprised at the results. They’ll come up with all kinds of uses: planes, trains, automobiles, factory automation. Those are some of the easy ones.”For a $100 pledge, 250 backers will receive a five-minute hoverboard ride at the metal-lined hoverpark the couple has built in Silicon Valley. Shell out $1,000, and you’ll receive a full hour on the board, complete with personal instruction from a ‘hoverboard instructor.’Which is as close to Marty McFly as you’re going to get. For now, at least.Related: Publicity Stunt Du Jour: Spend the Night at IKEA Thanks to AirbnbCheck out a video of the hoverboard in action below. Hear from business owners and CEOs who went through a crippling business problem and came out the other side bigger and stronger. Problem Solvers with Jason Feifer 3 min read Listen Now October 21, 2014 Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.last_img read more