Zuckerberg Eisenberg Appear on SNL

first_imgAlso, Samberg. That last one’s not really that weird, though–he’s actually on the show. You’ve got to hand it to Mark Zuckerberg, he’s a pretty good sport, appearing on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, alongside Jesse Eisenberg, who played a decidedly unflattering–but Academy Award nominated–version of the kid billionaire in last year’s The Social Network. Samberg and Eisenberg both showed off their versions of the Facebook founder. Eisenberg: “I speak in short, clipped sentences and keep my head very still.” Samberg: “I wear this sweatshirt.” Zuckerberg joined the two on stage for an encounter Samberg (on script) called, “Awkberg.”And yes, yes it was. For all of us. It wasn’t one of those “hey, look what they did” monologues, not one of the especially hilarious variety. Zuckerberg, let’s be honest, has the acting chops and comedic timing of fellow billionaire Steve Forbes. But that’s not the point. The point is, the guy’s a good sport. Also, he invented poking.Video after the jump.last_img read more