10 hacks to sail smooth through hostel life

first_imgWe’re pretty sure all hostel boarders out there must be resorting to some or the other survival technique to put up with regular hostel life. Here are some more hacks you can use to crack the most commonly faced problems in a hostel:1. Save space: Due to limited closet space, you have to learn to save maximum space in your cupboard. Here’s how:fold your clothes in a tricky waybreak the metal tab on soda cans and put them to better use2. Books are our best friends:Indeed, they are. For most of us who habitually can’t fall asleep early at night, here’s a hack for when you have to wake up for an exam, for studies or to prevent dozing off in class-avoid using any gadget for half an hour before you want to go to sleep. Instead, read a book. It’ll help put you off to sleep quicker.3. DIY study lamps: When your roommates are being fussy and you have to pull an all-nighter, use these two tricks to create a light that will not disturb anyone else, and assist you with your study:Cut a plastic water bottle from the bottom and insert a regular CFL bulb into itPull the hanging thread out from the bottle cap’s side and connect to the plug pointCover the bulb with a cardboard such that the light only focuses on your booksNikhil Kumar, an engineering hosteller in Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology, Dwarka, revealed a genius technique he and his friends adopt: “When we’re short of time and we have to complete an Engineering Drawing (ED) assignment, we hang a bulb inside a bucket, keep a plastic sheet on the opening and a drawing sheet on top of that. We can easily trace drawings without disturbing our roommates and can also complete the assignment faster.”advertisementAnother hack, says Maanas Singh from MIT institute of design, Pune, is to make light tables, by putting acrylic sheets between two single beds-“it makes shift tracing easy” (for students of Design).4. Managing cravings: When you run out of the munchies you got from home, and you’re too broke to even go out thrift shopping, life crisis nears.As Nikhil mourns, “This rich brat, who shares our dorm, gets fancy packed food from the grocery shop and stores it. That lasts him till the end of the month. He cooks chicken and mutton and what not… Makes all of us jealous and he doesn’t even share! On the other hand, here we are struggling to save our precious packets of Maggi because we were busy spending elsewhere at the start of the month.”We know the struggles foodies face. So, for the broke time of the month, learn some quick meals you can experiment with, requiring minimum materials. Here are some:Make your regular Maggi interesting by topping it with a half fried eggOregano and butter toasted on bread can taste like garlic breadCrush the sealed packet of Wai Wai noodles, open it, mix the tastemaker. I swear your taste buds will go yum!Innovate with the achaar/chutney your mom packed by using it as a dip with regular chipsWe’re sure you can come up with many more!5. The mattress conundrum: If your mattress is too hard, get a thick duvet cover from home to spread on your mattressIf your mattress is too soft, rotate the mattress in three cycles on a regular basis. First, rotate it such that the header comes at the footer position and vice versa. Second, flip it over. Third, repeat the first (but this time it will be on the opposite side of the mattress)Goldilocks, read the above points.6. The magnetic effect: Losing important stuff when you are away from home is a scary thing indeed, especially when you have less of them to go by. The worst is losing your keys. Know the feeling? Nikhil Kumar does–“The maximum we do is hand over a duplicate key to our roommates, due to the fear of losing them… But that’s not too reliable, so I guess there isn’t much you can do about it, except being responsible. In any case, if you lose them once, you learn the hard way, to be careful.”Well, apart from learning the hard way, we have one more solution for you:All you have to do is find yourself a piece of magnet (you can find one in the bell of your old cycle or take a trip to the hardware store)Nail that magnet to your wallEvery time you enter your dorm, just throw the key on that magnet, rest shall be taken care of (make sure you aim properly, though)advertisement7. Easy snack holder: Time for a snack but too lazy to find a bowl or even move enough to keep reaching out to the packet of chips? We got you. Wear your hoodie backwards such that the hood is in front. Fill your hood with those chips and carry on with whatever it is that you were doing, while casually munching on with the least effort.8. Mirror, mirror, on the wall: If your hostel doesn’t provide you with a mirror, Simran Kaur from Akal Academy, Shimla provides you a hack: “just hang a piece of cloth on the dorm window and it’ll almost serve the purpose of a mirror.”9. Multipurpose heating rods:Simran told us that she and her roommates used to save up on gas by using the iron rod provided to heat water in winters, to cook food-“Just put the iron rod in the water-filled pan and you can cook simple things like eggs and Maggi.”10. Bathroom phone pocket: We all love listening to music while showering, don’t we? But it’s not always possible due to the anxiety of getting our phones wet. To hack this problem, take a piece of cardboard or hard plastic or anything that wouldn’t get wet easily, and paste it on the wall in a manner of an envelope. There goes your phone-holder! You won’t even have to worry about it dropping/slipping into the pot, on the floor, or in the basin (don’t make that face; we’ve all done at least one of those).Make your life easier by adopting these useful tips, and hack your way through being a hostel kid!Read: Balancing sports and academics: Importance and tipsRead: Problems plaguing medical education: Why India suffers a severe lack of quality doctorsFor more updates on education, follow India Today Education or write to us at [email protected]last_img read more

Lifter Gururaja claIms silver, opens Indias CWG medal account

first_img(Eds: Updating with Gururaja quotes) Gold Coast, Apr 5 (PTI) Weightlifter P Gururaja opened Indias medal account on the first competition day of the 21st Commonwealth Games, claiming a silver in the mens 56kg category here today. The 25-year-old Gururaja, making his CWG debut, equalled his personal best of 249kg (111+138) to finish second in a field where Malaysias three-time Commonwealth Championships medallist Muhammad Izhar Ahmed (117+144) broke the Games record for snatch and overall lift. “I am very happy to have opened Indias medal account in the Games. It was nowhere close to being my best performance but I am glad that it was enough to get me a silver medal,” a grinning Gururaja said after the effort. Gururaja was third after snatch, pulling off a best of 111kg after two good lifts before surviving a few nervy moments in clean and jerk. The Indian failed in his first two attempts before managing a good lift off his last chance to zoom to the top half of the table. “I didnt quite understand why my second lift was not declared valid. It was disallowed for a very minor movement of the arm. Had it been allowed I could have gone for a higher lift an perhaps target gold. But still I am happy,” said the diminutive lifter from Karnataka. Ahmed, meanwhile, bettered his compatriot Hamizan Amirul Ibrahims snatch record of 116kg, created in 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games. He then broke the overall Games record, which was also in the name of Ibrahim. The Malaysia showman, who got the crowd behind him with his exuberant celebrations after every successful lift. was simply unstoppable, leaving a fairly occupied Carrara Sports and Leisure Centre enthralled.advertisement The third position was taken by Sri Lankas Lakmal Chaturanga (114+134). “The medals for the last three years have been rotating among the three of us,” Gururaja observed. Gururaja, a low-ranking Indian Air Force employee, is a quintessential Indian sports story of immense hardships and just a tiny bit of luck. Son of a truck driver, Gururaja had aspired to be a wrestler for the longest time before being pushed into weightlifting by a watchful coach who saw potential in him. “I am happy I took up weightlifting,” he laughed. PTI PM PDS PDSlast_img read more