Epcot’s UK Pavilion Now Sells Corgis

first_imgShare This!One of my favorite aspects of the Epcot World Showcase pavilions is that they sell items that have nothing to do with Disney. Sure, there are usually Disney tee shirt tie-ins, or plush character representations of the countries, but alongside the branded merchandise is a bunch of stuff that’s just randomly representative of the country’s zeitgeist.In that vein, there are now large displays of plush corgi dogs for sale in the UK pavilion. Corgis have long been the favored animal companions of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen’s dogs are practically synonymous with the kingdom itself. And so, for $18.99, you too can have a pet to watch The Crown with.last_img read more

Creative Cloud Extract Streamlines Your Work

first_imgPhotoshop composites the assets and saves them in the Assets queue, which is connected to the PSD file.The options in the Assets queue allow you to export the files in whatever resolutions or file formats you choose, including SVG. Yes, you can finally export SVGs out of Photoshop.Note you can export in multiple resolutions, Photoshop exports the files at one time in however many resolutions you select.View PSD Files in the BrowserIn the Extract Assets dialog box, select the “Open in Creative Cloud” link to open a synchronized version of the desktop file in Creative Cloud, with all the gradients, fonts, everything in the PSD. You can invite other people to collaborate on the file. And those people don’t need a Creative Cloud account.They can view the live synchronized version of the file in the browser. It’s a PSD file that allows them to interact with all the Photoshop layers in the browser, without needing Photoshop.CSS can be extracted, assets can be downloaded, and distances between objects can be easily found.When Paul Gubbay, Adobe’s Vice-President of Web and Design, spoke about Creative Cloud Extract at Adobe MAX today, he compared it to Firebug in the browser, except Extract is for PSD files.Dreamweaver CCIn addition to Photoshop integration, Creative Cloud Extract has been integrated into Dreamweaver CC. The new version of Dreamweaver CC now has access to your Creative Cloud storage, which allows you to go from PSD comps to code.When you use Extract to open a PSD in Dreamweaver CC, you’ll have access to the same types of functionality you had in the browser. But since Dreamweaver CC is connected to the Creative Cloud, you can do a lot more.For example, if you have a gradient in your PSD, select the layer containing the gradient. Dreamweaver will display code hints pulled from the Photoshop layer. You can start typing in Dreamweaver, press Enter, and all the gradient information, along with any vendor prefixing will be added to the stylesheet.Yes, there’s now real-time code-hinting in Dreamweaver from a PSD stored in Creative Cloud and shared with you. It works for any image, text, fonts, etc., in the PSD file.By selecting a Photoshop layer containing text, you can highlight the text and copy the styles to your clipboard. Using Live View in Dreamweaver, paste the CSS onto the selector you want. What a quick way to style text!For images, select the Photoshop layer containing the image. Drag the image to the Dreamweaver area where you want to place the image. You have the option to save the image in whatever format you like. Press Enter, and the image is downloaded from Creative Cloud, resized to the size for that area, and saved to your hard drive.I’m impressed with the new Creative Cloud Extract feature. It adds all kinds of functionality that designers have wanted for a long time. I’m looking forward to using it, how about you?Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading…Related5 New Features in Photoshop CC 2015 [Video]With Adobe’s announcement this week of Creative Cloud 2015, design professionals have a wealth of new features and improvements in Creative Cloud applications to try out on their desktop and mobile devices. Fifteen desktop applications were updated and two new iOS mobile apps added to Creative Cloud. In addition, Adobe…In “Web design”How Creative Collaboration Has Evolved From the 1960s to Today [Infographic]If someone asked you today what online tools you use, your answer might include Google Apps, Adobe Creative Suite, or Dropbox. They’re three of hundreds of creative collaboration tools in the cloud that allow team members and clients to stay connected and easily share ideas. But did you know cloud…In “Internet”Three Helpful Features in Google Drive Announced at Google I/O 2014At yesterday’s Google I/O developer conference, Google announced many new updates to Google Drive. Among the updates you’ll see are a new interface, improved file management options, and faster speed on mobile and desktop. Three of the features quickly caught my attention. Two new features are related to file management;…In “Internet” Along with other Adobe users, I was excited to watch today’s Adobe MAX livestream to learn about the new Creative Cloud features, tools and applications. The feature that caught my eye was the Creative Cloud Extract for desktop applications. What an amazing new feature! If you work in Photoshop CC or Dreamweaver CC, Creative Cloud Extract has just made your job easier.Creative Cloud Extract allows you to easily extract content from a PSD, for example, text, images, CSS, font information, or gradients. You don’t use it to edit files; it’s read-only.Here’s how Creative Cloud Extract works in Photoshop CC:Open a PSD fileSelect the objects you want to get out of the PSD fileSelect File > Extract Assetslast_img read more

What Is Boxing Day? How Do You Celebrate?

first_imgWhen I saw Julie’s question about Boxing Day this morning:Serious question: what is boxing day and how does everyone celebrate it?— Julie (@juliedutch) December 26, 2014I smiled. I’ve got you covered, Julie. My friend James has a wonderful post about Boxing Day, and all things Christmas on his Why Christmas site.Here’s a few takeaways, but read the post to get the full background:Boxing Day is celebrated December 26, the day after ChristmasIts roots date back to the Middle Ages, almost 800 years ago, in the United Kingdom. Alms boxes were opened so the content could be distributed to those in need.In the past, servants would get the day off to celebrate Christmas with their familiesPre-World War II, delivery people would collect their Christmas tip or box from their delivery placesBoxing Day is a public holiday in the UK, Canada, Australia, and New ZealandCelebrating Boxing Day isn’t common in the United States. But it’s well known in my community. Boxing Night at Geneva Presbyterian ChurchI first learned about Boxing Day from Geneva Presbyterian Church, where we attended for several years. For the past 20 years, Geneva Presbyterian has held a Boxing Night clothing drive for the homeless, starting December 26 and ending the first week of January. Teens at the church spend the night in the church parking lot in boxes to raise awareness for the homeless. You can see photos from Boxing Night 2012 on Geneva’s Facebook page. Everyone in the community is encouraged to bring clothing, blankets, and toiletries which are taken to Fort Street Presbyterian Church Open Door Ministry to the homeless in Detroit.Many years, the stayover night is super cold. We’ll drive by the church parking lot, and see teens and adults huddled around the fire in a trashcan in the below-freezing weather. Julie, to answer your other question about how we spend Boxing Day: our family gathers blankets, clothes, and toiletries to donate to Geneva Presbyterian. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading…RelatedWhy Christmas? The Christmas Site 18 Years in the Making and Still GrowingToday’s guest post is by my friend James Cooper. I’ve loved his Why Christmas? website for years, and I’m honored he accepted my invitation to write about how it came about. Hi, let me introduce myself, I’m James Cooper, a freelance web designer/developer from the United Kingdom. I’ve known Deborah…In “Web design”Photo of the Week: Plymouth Community Christmas Carol Sing-AlongThough it was a gray afternoon, the clouds didn’t chase away families and friends from joining the 2015 Plymouth Community Christmas Carol Sing-Along today in downtown Plymouth, Michigan at Kellogg Park. Led by Dr. Jerry Smith, the music director at my church, First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth, I joined dozens…In “Michigan”More Holiday Goodies: SitePoint Christmas SaleIf you’ve had your fill of holiday meals and sweets, and want to expand your knowledge beyond the 12 Days of Christmas free online courses from Lynda.com, here are some holiday goodies for your learning enjoyment. Through January 5, 2015, you can get some great deals from the SitePoint Christmas…In “Web design”last_img read more

2010 Fifa World Cup: Ellis Park 2

first_imgLocation: Johannesburg, Gauteng provinceCapacity: 62 500 seatsMatches: Argentina vs Nigeria (12 June), Brazil vs North Korea (15 June), Slovenia vs USA (18 June), Spain vs Honduras (21 June), Slovakia vs Italy (24 June), Round of 16 (28 June), Quarter-final (3 July)Click on a thumbnail for a low-resolution image, or right-click on the link below it to download a high-resolution copy of the image.  Photo: Ndaba Dlamini, MediaClubSouthAfrica.com• Download high-resolution image Photo: Ndaba Dlamini, MediaClubSouthAfrica.com• Download high-resolution image Photo: Ndaba Dlamini, MediaClubSouthAfrica.com• Download high-resolution image Photo: Ndaba Dlamini, MediaClubSouthAfrica.com• Download high-resolution image Photo: Ndaba Dlamini, MediaClubSouthAfrica.com• Download high-resolution image The stadium precinct.Photo: Emily Visser, MediaClubSouthAfrica.com• Download high-resolution image   The stadium precinct.Photo: Emily Visser, MediaClubSouthAfrica.com • Download high-resolution image   The stadium precinct.Photo: Emily Visser, MediaClubSouthAfrica.com • Download high-resolution image   The stadium precinct.Photo: Emily Visser, MediaClubSouthAfrica.com • Download high-resolution image   The stadium precinct.Photo: Emily Visser, MediaClubSouthAfrica.com • Download high-resolution image {loadposition fifa}last_img read more

Does This Country Need More HR Professionals?

first_imgIt’s been just shy of a month since SHRM16 took over our nation’s capital but nearly a month is fairly late for getting a “post-SHRM16” blog written.To my credit, a lot has happened since that time; likewise, I have been mentally occupied so it was difficult for me to write much. But, better late than never and today, I hope this is a worthwhile read for you.SHRM16 was my 6th National Conference; each year, I walk away inspired about my profession, my career, etc. This year was no different and I have a plethora of ideas mulling about in my head on how to improve things in my professional world.However, the professional insights I received this year pale in comparison to the personal insights and inspirations with which I carried dearly back with me as I boarded my plane to Alaska.You see, I am disheartened with the great divide affecting our beloved country. My heart can barely stand to read and watch the news nowadays. Friendships have been stressed or severed, work relationships have deteriorated, and partnerships have been severely strained because of prejudice, bigotry, perceptions, offenses, and the like.It’s everywhere – you see it in neighbors who are guarded or judgmental, you hear it in the grocery lines, you observe it on the bleachers at your kids baseball game.I see, I listen and I wonder,·         “Why are we so committed to being right?”·         “Why are we so committed to being better or winning?”·         “Why are we so committed to putting others else in their place?”·         “Why are we so committed to placing blame?”·         “Why are we so committed to hurting people?”I just don’t get it.Hold that thought…I, a Human Resources Professional for 20+ years, just don’t get it.Am I different?I think, perhaps I am.As a Human Resources Professional, am I not trained to consider the totality of the circumstances? Do I not strive to identify what is fair and just?As a Human Resources Professional, am I not trained to collaborate and compromise? Do I not strive to work towards solutions?As a Human Resources Professional, am I not trained to look beyond stereotypes and assumptions? Do I not strive to consider one’s merit?As a Human Resources Professional, am I not trained to accept and encourage responsibility? Do I not strive to hold myself and others accountable?As a Human Resources Professional, am I not trained to protect people from the behaviors of others? Do I not strive to create within my workplace and model kindness and acceptance?I am!I do!  And for one week, one very special week in DC, I got to be around my peeps! Oh my goodness, I didn’t realize how much I needed a reprieve from the bad juju of this country until I was in a convention center stuffed to the gills with other HR folks.We get it!The positive energy regarding what’s going on in our nation turned me on!The healthy, value added conversations and disagreements energized me!The shared concern was comforting!(Truth me told, I cried in the bathroom with two friends, Julie Stephens-Doyle and Rebecca Briley, and was comforted because they are as worried as I am. It made me feel less crazy, less paranoid, less alone!)But alas, here’s the sad truth…our country isn’t filled with HR professionals!So this is where you come in…Find them!Develop them!Mentor them!I believe the values and beliefs of a great HR professional are the cornerstones of a great community.·         Fairness·         Collaboration·         Compromise·         Acceptance·         Tolerance·         Kindness·         GenerositySo, dear and great HR professional, go forth!  Do your jobs correctly!Your willingness to model these values and corresponding behaviors in the workplace will be noticed and hopefully, they will spread to people’s homes, neighborhoods, churches, etc.I’ll leave you with this:I think we need more HR professionals…or at least more people who act like us.last_img read more

9 months agoDybala backing Juventus move for Pogba

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Dybala backing Juventus move for Pogbaby Paul Vegas9 months agoSend to a friendShare the lovePaulo Dybala admits he’d like to see Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba return to Juventus.Dybala was asked about again playing with his good friend.“I’d always like to play with someone of his level. Whatever decision he makes, I always wish him the best of luck,” replied Dybala.“Everyone knows how important Cristiano Ronaldo is for us and what he represents for our opponents too. He gives everything, whether it’s in training or a match situation, and also sets a good example for youngsters.“I’d say Lionel Messi and Ronaldo are on the same level. As for the future, Neymar and above all Kylian Mbappé have what it takes to match them.“As for myself, I have changed my style of play recently and learned so much by working with great champions. It’s quite a mature and experienced squad in Turin, but that really helps a young player like me, because you learn and absorb their mentality.” last_img read more

Jim Harbaugh Had A Hilarious Response When Asked Why His Team Never “Laid An Egg”

first_imgJim Harbaugh talks about Rutgers trash talk during halftime of their game during a press conference.jim harbaugh rutgers trash talkIn sports, saying a team “laid an egg” is a popular expression, used when a favored squad comes out and doesn’t play up to its potential. Usually, “laying an egg” means the team loses the game.Michigan hasn’t really come out flat this season under Jim Harbaugh. At 8-2, it lost its opener at Utah and in the final seconds against Michigan State. In eight victories, the Wolverines have pretty much played as they are supposed to.So perhaps that’s why Harbaugh had this funny response today when asked why his team hasn’t “laid an egg” following a road win at Penn State.  Harbaugh on why U-M never laid egg: “Analogy doesn’t resonate with me.I don’t like comparing humans to chickens or any other type of animal.— Mark Snyder (@Mark__Snyder) November 21, 2015Harbaugh is never boring. He’s…unique. But not boring.last_img read more

Djibouti Govt Rejects London Court Doraleh Decision

first_imgzoomIllustration. Image Courtesy: Pixabay under CC0 Creative Commons license The Government of the Republic of Djibouti has refused the decision of the London Court which declared Djibouti’s seizure of Doraleh Container Terminal from DP World as illegal.In February this year, Djibouti terminated the concession of the container terminal which had been given in 2006 to Doraleh Container Terminal (DCT), a company controlled by DP World.The country’s government claimed that “the concession agreement contained severe irregularities and threatened the national interest and sovereignty of Djibouti”.As explained by Djibouti, the termination of the concession contract conforms to the international public law and was carried out in a transparent way.However, the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) recently ruled that DCT’s concession agreement “remains valid and binding notwithstanding Law 202 and the 2018 Decrees.” The abovementioned law and decrees were devices enacted by Djibouti to evade contractual obligations.Following the ruling, the press office of the country’s presidency said in a statement on August 3 that “Djibouti does not accept this sentence which has ruled that the law of a sovereign state cannot be enforced by that state.”Commenting on the statement issued by Djibouti, DP World said the government “does not recognise the international rule of law.” As Djibouti does not have sovereignty over a contract governed by English law, such contract remains in full force and effect, the port operator stressed.last_img read more

Saskatoon police service unveil new monument in honor of MMIWG

first_imgLarissa BurnoufAPTN National NewsThe Saskatoon police service unveiled a new monument today in honor of Missing and Murdered Indigenous women and girls.The mothers of some of the Indigenous women who died in Saskatoon were chosen to help unveil a new monument in their honor in front of the Saskatoon police headquarters.last_img

Calgary says it will pay for onethird of 555million arena for Flames

first_imgCALGARY – The City of Calgary is offering to pay for one-third of the cost of a new NHL arena.In response to the Calgary Flames breaking off talks for a new rink earlier this week, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi revealed details of what the city proposes to pay for a building expected to cost $555 million.The Flames haven’t made their counter-proposal public, but have indicated they want the city to pay closer to half the cost.Flames president Ken King said team owners pulled out of negotiations because they’ve been spectacularly unproductive.While King denied making the arena an election issue, the timing of the team’s withdrawal seems designed to put pressure on the mayor and councillors ahead of next month’s civic election.The Flames’ current arena, the Scotiabank Saddledome, opened its doors in 1983.last_img read more